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View guide online? - Jaxel - 01-20-2018

Can we get the ability to view the guides on the website? It would make it a lot easier to manage timezone shifting without having to reload our entire playlists everytime.

RE: View guide online? - Epg Admin - 01-20-2018

I don't think it will happen.
I also don't understand what you mean.
If you change something in your editor, you have to reload the whole EPG in your system anyway.
That's how those media programs work.
You can't just update the bit you want to update.

RE: View guide online? - Jaxel - 01-23-2018

Yeah, but a lot of the guides are wrong. End up having to go through several different ipgs to find the right one. And I have to reload everything each time to see if it's correct. Or a lot of them are time shifted.

RE: View guide online? - Epg Admin - 01-23-2018

I have no clue what you mean.
Are you sure you are using our EPG?

Do you use Smart IPTV app by any chance?
Or any other service based on Stalker Portal?
If yes, you are not using our EPG, but theirs.

Otherwise please read the FAQ about time shifting and time zones and Summer/Winter time.

If you think, some channels show wrong data (not timeshifted!) then write it in the bug report forum and we will check it.