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[FIXED] Server Issues - Epg Admin - 09-16-2017

We have issues with our servers since yesterday.

Of course it had to happen on the weekend, when most of our programmers aren't working and we have only limited support.

We are trying since two days to find out what it is, but probably we will be able to fix it only on Monday.

Please be patient!

We are really really sorry for the inconvenience!

RE: Server Issues - chilla - 09-17-2017

Is this why my whole epg is empty along with missing logos? just wondering if its related to this, as i see someone mentioned only the UK channels are affected but I dont have any epg data showing for Arabic/UK/USA/Croatia etc

good luck in fixing it Smile


RE: Server Issues - Epg Admin - 09-17-2017

We don't know.

UK was updated normally. EPG is there for UK and for all others now.

It just doesn't get to you.

Please be patient.

It is totally useless to puzzle about it.

RE: Server Issues - Epg Admin - 09-18-2017

Although we still didn't locate the problem entirely and we are waiting for replies from 3rd party services integrated into the website, the website should work without problems.

The only thing that doesn't work at the moment, is uploading m3u files.

We will try to fix it as soon as possible.

RE: Server Issues - dj_guigui - 09-19-2017


I still can not download the EPG today...
And this since last Thursday

2017-9-19 04:00:00 Downloading: 2510-______.xml From: http://iptv-epg.com/2510-______.xml
2017-9-19 04:00:01 2510-______.xml Size: n/a
2017-9-19 04:01:15 2510-______.xml: InternetReadFile ERROR: GetLastError=12002
2017-9-19 04:01:15 Failed download:http://iptv-epg.com/2510-______.xml To: C:\ProgramData\Xepg\2510-______.xml
2017-9-19 04:01:15 EXCEPTION MESSAGE: I/O error 103

I think the problem is not resolved...

Best regards

RE: Server Issues - Epg Admin - 09-19-2017

You may have a different problem. Contact us through email with your registered email address.

RE: Server Issues - adquila - 09-19-2017

The downloading still stuck for me too. Approx. at 20% percent.

RE: Server Issues - Epg Admin - 09-20-2017

We still have connection issues.

We are working with CloudFlare and our server host together, because it seems, the failure is in their network.

Downloads and uploads may stuck on Windows.

We hope that we can resolve all the issues tomorrow, as all the three companies are working hard on finding the problem.

RE: Server Issues - adquila - 09-20-2017

Then just to know i downloaded my xml via android phone and it really works. That problem look like is only on windows OS. So who need these xml asap must download it via other platform