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[FIXED] M3U Editor bug - Epg Admin - 09-13-2017

We have a bug since yesterday in the m3u editor.

M3U files will be imported empty.
Please don't import m3u files right now.
We will fix it today.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

RE: [FIXED] M3U Editor bug - Epg Admin - 09-13-2017

We have fixed the M3U importing bug.

RE: [FIXED] M3U Editor bug - jevan - 09-16-2017

too many users on site or ddos ?


site is down during import. not many channels.

RE: [FIXED] M3U Editor bug - Epg Admin - 09-16-2017

The site experiences issues. We don't know yet what it is.
We are working on it.

It doesn't seem to be a DDoS.

The servers can handle the load of normal users.

I will announce if we could locate and fix the issue.

But it doesn't have to do anything with this m3u bug.