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Missing Malaysia (Astro) Channels - mysterio21 - 10-08-2020

Would be great to have these channels added to the Malaysia collection


Animal Planet HD
Cartoon Network HD
Comedy Central HD
Crime & InvestigationHD
Discovery Channel
Discovery Science
Disney Channel
Disney Jr
History HD
Hits HD
Nickelodeon HD

RE: Missing Malaysia (Astro) Channels - Epg Admin - 10-09-2020

Please read the Forum rules and the FAQ about how we list channels.

All those channels have english EPG.
Most probably becasue they have no unique programming for malaysia.

Please take the epg from the countless other countries, which have those channels listed.

In your region it will probably be Singapore, Australia, NZ etc.

Ask for a channel only, if it has unique programming for malaysia or it has epg in malaysian language or if you can not find the right programming in english.