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Sort by TVG-ID - chezmorris - 05-23-2020

When sorting a group by TVG-ID, any channels that don't have a matching TVG-ID from your database end up at the top of the group list.

This therefore means that any channels in the group that do not have EPG data are "up front" when imported into my IPTV viewer.

Would it be possible to have an option for any channels lacking a TVG-ID to be put at the back?

This would be a lot tidier.


RE: Sort by TVG-ID - Epg Admin - 09-07-2020

Drag and drop them there where you want them.
We can not implement "features" that serve only your personal taste and support only your laziness by saving you 60 secondsĀ and which can be solved easily in a different way.
Those channels are put in front so you see them and change the fact that they have no tvg-id, which means, you should add tvg-ids to them.

Other than that there is a sorting option by tvg-id.