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Issue with epg - moe2019 - 12-31-2019

I am not sure if this is the case with other channels but noticed on the following channel:

Har Pal Geo (HarPalGeo.pk)

- The epg is over a day old i.e. Today its Tuesday and it is showing Monday
- The midnight programme is showing over 12 hours i.e. a programme that is 12:00-01:00 is currently showing 07:00-20:00

Aaj Entertainment (AajEntertainment.pk), Express Entertainment (ExpressEntertainment.pk), Hum World (HumTVWorld.pk) is also showing yesterdays epg.

RE: Issue with epg - Epg Admin - 01-02-2020

Har Pal Geo is fucked up.
when they fix their mess, then it will be right.

I fixed the others.