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Fox Sports Australia - Aussie1 - 12-14-2019

Fox Sports Australia Channel 7 is showing showing the incorrect Tv Guide

Thanks in advance

RE: Fox Sports Australia - Epg Admin - 12-15-2019

I don't understand which channel you mean.
Please post the tvg-id of the channel.

There is no channel called "Fox Sports Australia Channel 7"

Channel 7 is not a sports channel and Fox Sports has more than one channels in Australia.

And what does "incorrect" mean?

RE: Fox Sports Australia - Aussie1 - 12-16-2019

Fox Sports More AU Which is 507 Not 7 as i wrote...Sorry
It's NOT showing the correct Tv Guide info.

RE: Fox Sports Australia - Epg Admin - 12-16-2019

It was already fixed.
You need to refresh your data in your app.
Please disable all local cache and local databases as said in the FAQ as well.