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Picons in channel list - Epg Admin - 07-01-2017

We are adding picons to the xml and to the m3u files automatically.

You can see the available picons in the channel list next to the channel names.
They will appear step by step as we add them.

For now you may see broken images in the list and it might take a long time until it is loaded.

We will improve that early next week.

RE: Picons in channel list - Epg Admin - 07-18-2017

We have added all Channel Logos already to US, UK, Germany, Austria, Spain and United Arab Emirates.
All others will follow continuously.

The images are added to the xml and to the m3u files (if you uploaded one) automatically.

You can choose in your Media Center, if you prefer channel logos from XML or from m3u.

We also fixed the channel list page, so it doesn't take long to load.
A search function will follow.