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When I integrate my IPTV service with PVR Simple client I get different colors in the guide for different categories. Example, sports show up in red, movies show up in blue.

When I use the m3u link provided I lose the colors, is there a way you can add this feature to the EPG?

Actually I never found out how you color the categories in KODI.

If I remember right, KODI itself has some coloring function, not Simple Client.
I tried it once when they introduced it in Krypton, but I never succeeded.

There is no coloring tag in the XMLTV format and I don't know abouit such a tag in the M3U format either.

If you can send me a screenshot about it and if you also can send me your original m3u file per email, I can look at it and maybe I can find out how it works and then maybe we can do something about it.

That would be something I really want to have too.
color in epg(kodi) depends on the skin,some support it,some dont.
it uses the <category>xx</category> tags in your xml file for this.
a example of skin that supports this is Aeon MQ6..

another thing to consider is that kodi matches the category based on english,you have to do alot of reading on how to edit it(its explained in the same post above) for other languages.u basically need to copy and rename the color for every category language u may have in ur source xml file.
read here..
OK for additional information, I use Vader Streams, when I use their m3u in kodi I do NOT get the color categories, but if I go into the add-on settings and turn the switch on to integrate with PVR.. thats when the colors activate.

I just figure if i turn that switch on now, it will overwrite my m3u from you guys.

I have a video on how I activate the colors (let me know if i need to remove the link, don't want problems Smile

hmm, i will tinker with it.
am no expert on this but from what i seen in the video is vadre streams is a video-addon and not a pvr-addon so thats why the use the interagation thing.
to kodi a video-addon is completely separate to a pvr-addon(which supports epg import like iptv simple client).
Exactly like Blackbear199 says.
That coloring is happening in the Vader Addon. They coded it into it.

Simple Client is not able to do it (yet).
I asked for this feature on their Github a few weeks ago.

For the other thing about overwriting our M3U files:
I am not sure how that addon works, but it has probably a direct link to your M3U on their servers and it will use that rather than the link inserted in Simple Client..

If you are able to insertĀ a customĀ M3U link in that addon, insert the link from our website, maybe that will help.
So I was actually able to get the color categories to work with iptv-epg link provided. I can't tell you if this would work for every IPTV provider, but it works with my Vader Streams. In the Add-on setting I activated integrate with PVR Client. It then overwrote everything with Vaders m3u link and gave me the colors in my guide. I just went back and changed the m3u link to the one provided by iptv-epg and the colors stayed.

You can see in this tutorial I posted, also giving this service some promo Wink
Thanks for the nice words!
I posted your video on our Facebook page, so we can do a little cross promotion :-)