Full Version: channel xml file, without m3u editor, howto ?
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Today I just started my 5 days trial period with your epg service. I checked 50 channels and a xml file was created. Fine. 
But how can I edit this channel list now? - I don't wanna use the m3u editor from iptv-epg, as far as I do the grapping for my own in Kodi and I just need the source xml file. Where can I find it in my account ? - I am alwas asked fpr my m3u list, which is not what I want.
Thx in advance for help.

You can not get EPG without editing your m3u file.
Please read the FAQ.
You have to add our tvg-ids to your m3u file so KODI knows which EPG channel needs to be displayed for which TV channel.

Our experience shows that most people don't know how it works and they just copy paste the xml url into KODI and then when it doesn't work, they conclude that our service doesn't work and leave without even thinking of doing it wrong themselves.

Therefore we made m3u upload mandatory today, because this way our system does the work automatically and it's really just a matter of copy+pasting. Mostly...
You just experienced the transition in real time.
I also don't know what you are doing, but if you are trying to use the data in a KODI addon or something like that for dispensing it to other people, you need a business account which has the plain xml source without the editor.
Thank you for your fast response. I am using TVHeadend as Client/Server solution @home. For the moment I use webgrapp+ and sometimnes I have no epg for some channels. Therefor I am looking now for a commercial and stressless solution. That is why I am goging to test your service. Do I need a "business" account for my home solution ???
No, you don't need a business account for that, but I advise contacting us per email with your registered email address.
I am having the same issue, just sent you an email regarding this, thanks
Thx again for your fast response. Email sent as requested.
Just to clarify: I requested contact because of the server usage. Not because we can take away the M3U editor.

Maybe we will introduce back an option to disable the editor, but it's very unlikely that it will happen soon.
Ah, ok. Thx for your explanation.
In that case, unfortunately your service is not the one I am looking for. I don't want to do the same work with adapting EPG2channel over and over again. Sorry. Thx for your time and in case you change back your policy to offer the raw xml file, you are invited to let me know by email. Thx.
I don't understand what you mean by adapting over and over again?
You need to tell our system, which channels should be in the xml file.
It doesn't matter if you do that work by clicking a checkbox or choosing a tvg-id from a dropdown menu.

You have to do it only once.
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