Full Version: Forum Changes - Ticketing system
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We will finally start the ticketing system on our site next week.
It will be easier for us to manage support questions and we will be able to look at your account immediately, instead of having to search for it for half an hour, just to realize that you used a different email address in the forum.

The forum will be here for Announcements and Status Reports from our side and for Channel and Feature Requests from your side.

I won't answer any questions or issues on the forum anymore.
If you have any problem, you can send an email to [email protected], just as always and I will answer support issues there, or later in the ticketing system exclusively.

I keep the forum open, so forum users can help each other if they want.

The forum will be still monitored of course and anything that doesn't belong there, will be deleted without warning.

We deleted the forums for the different apps, because nobody used them anyway.
The ticketing system is still not public.
Unfortunately the programmers need more time, but should be released soon.