Full Version: Missing guide data for Swedish channels in the channel finder
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I haven't received any guide data for a couple of weeks for the following Swedish channels in the channel finder:

You use wrong tvg-ids apparently.

We don't have History.se, nor Travel.se

I don't know what channel finder you mean, but if you mean this page (I call this channel finder): https://iptv-epg.com/available-channels then you need to scroll down to Sweden and open the country and see the channels.
Do not just use the search function, because if you search for the wrong thing, you will never find anything.

History Channel SE HistoryChannel.se 271
Travel Channel SE TravelChannel.se 270

Please check your editor if the channels have the right tvg-id.

Download the xml file to your computer and open it with a text editor and check for those channels.

If you use any other app then ours, see the FAQ or contact their developers.

Not having data on your end can have 1000 different reasons and none of them is on our end probably.

All Swedish channels are updated normally on our server.
You are correct, I'm using the wrong tvg-ids. I've been using these before, but it seems they were renamed.

Do we get notified when tvg-ids that we are using get changed? Because I can't remember getting any notifications about this, and in my channel editor the obsolete tvg-id were still displaying, which made me think it was still correct.
There are no notifications about changes of tvg-ids.
If a channel doesn't show EPG anymore, your first step should always be visiting the channel list at the top of the page and scroll down to the country and open the channel list and check.

tvg-ids change often as channels are renamed or even removed.
We can not automatize it.
Tvg-ids in the editor are read from your m3u file.
If your file has the wrong tvg-id, the editor will show the wrong tvg-id.

Maybe we will add an autodelete to the system later.